Oracle Development Leads The Market In Oracle Data Warehousing

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Oracle Data warehousing is still maintaining a consistent market position in the data warehousing field with respect to market share as well as product innovation. The Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database 11g delivers a fast and reliable cost effective ways of reporting that is suitable for the combination of the private clouds. Data Warehouse is the main foundation stone for all the business intelligence and also applications. Oracle development has been the leader in the Data Warehouse as per the analyst firm IDC.

With software revenue of 40.5% which is based on the total software revenue of 2010 Oracle data warehousing cannot be shaken at all at this commanding position. This position is going to increase even more in the future too.

As the business of the companies grow their databases increases and there is a higher need of faster and reliable response to sophisticated queries. Amidst this the organisations have to also control their IT costs. That where Oracle development comes to the rescue of the companies by bringing about Oracle Exadata which offers data warehousing, online transaction processing and also creating a platform for private clouds. Oracle Exadata is a set of pre configured hardware and software solutions that is both scalable and secure. Not only this it also reduces the cost and increases the performance efficiency to a greater extent.

Oracle Exadata has been proven to have met the expectations of client’s requirements through improved performance and data compression. The following are the benefits of using the Oracle exadata:

  • Consolidation of workloads
  • Reduces costs
  • Increases the performance efficiency by at least 10*
  • Existing Oracle skill sets can be used unchanged
  • Faster and reliable access to valuable information
  • Better business decisions
  • Existing Oracle database application can be applied as it is

As per the IDC declaration the exadata has performed much above the expectations of Oracle development. The clients have felt that the claim of Oracle about its speed and scalability was not over exaggeration and even in real life experience they achieved the same benefits. Many clients believed that there was fast and reliable deployment and it reduced the batch window to a greater extent.

When comparing the previous Oracle Database installation the online transaction Processing performed nearly 10 times better. Besides this the system also consumed less floor space and power. Due to the above points many clients were able to gain cost benefits from the system.

As per the Gartner’s research the key finding are mentioned below about Exadata:

  • Nearly 400 customers have used the Exadata in order to tackle the workloads of analytical and online transaction processing
  • All the users have reported positively regarding the data compression and performance improvements

The Benchmark had released the results of Exadata which created a new world record that clearly outperforms IBM by around 27% in performance and 21% better price performance too. The Benchmark results clearly bring out the superiority of the Oracle Data Warehousing.

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Oracle Development Leads The Market In Oracle Data Warehousing

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Oracle Development Leads The Market In Oracle Data Warehousing

This article was published on 2012/01/18